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Google Maps: Android Pisses on Apple (For Real)


Google Maps did something crazy. They showed something none ever could believe.

These Bionic Boots will make you run as fast as a car

run as fast as a car

If you want to travel a long distance, and you don’t have a car or a bike, then don’t panic. An American researcher has invented a special boot, wearing which will make you run as fast as a car.

The Japanese Maglev Train sets a new world speed record, breaking its own

Maglev Train

The Japanese are certainly train-crazy for a very long time, and among all the Japanese metro trains, the Maglev Train had set a world record of 581 kilometers per hour speed back in 2003, which had not been broken till date by any other train elsewhere. Now, a report by JR Central claims that the train has broke its own speed record, setting a new speed record of 590 kilometers per hour (366 miles per hours).

The Trailer of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is now officially out

Warner Bros Pictures has officially released the first trailer of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, some days before the stated date on which the trailer was told to be released before.

Mozilla’s President Li Gong and Mobile VP Rick Fant leave the company, as it prepares for fightback

mozilla firefox logo

As Mozilla prepares for fightback for its rival browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and other browsers, the company’s president Li Gong and the vice-president of mobile unit, Rick Fant have resigned from their respective posts, leaving them vacant.